Energy Therapy

What is Energy Therapy?

Energy Therapy is the designation used to cover a wide range of holistically-oriented healing modalities that address imbalances and issues of the body, mind, and/or spirit. Overall, energy therapy treatments aim to help people become more healthy, relaxed, and emotionally stable by using the individual's own energy field in concert with that of the practitioner. The main goals of most energy therapies are to help people resolve dysfunctional habits, improve their state of mind, and relieve psychosomatic pain.


Please note that there are no national standard bodies or regulatory groups managing all of the different kinds of practitioners who would operate under the category of energy therapy. While these treatments seem very unlikely to cause harm, they are considered experimental at best by allopathic standards, and they tend to not be endorsed by western medical practitioners. Here, we have outlined some commonly-seen types of energy therapy.


Perhaps the most well-known and regulated energy therapy in US is Reiki. Reiki practitioners are trained by master teachers, and their rigorous, hands-on education process spans multiple levels. A Reiki practitioner seeks to provide healing and also stress-reduction.


The BodyTalk method is a holistic healing approach that seeks to address the underlying issues that the body is presenting at any moment. It uses the underlying energetic psychological makeup of the body to assess and treat disease states. This therapeutic approach is highly personalized, and practitioners will consider your entire health history to inform their treatment.


With hypnotherapy, practitioners hypnotize their clients in order to address psychological and physical issues. Hypnosis has been practiced since the mid-1800's. It can be used to help patients explore possible causes of their issues, and also to foster healthy suggestions for behavioral change such as smoking cessation or weight loss.

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What next?

Search Find Wellness to find uniquely talented energy therapists in your area! Please recognize that if you're not enjoying your sessions or seeing concrete results, don't be shy to try different approaches until you find the ones that suit you best. Also, come back and report on your condition after receiving treatment so that we can help guide others to the most effective approaches!